Digital Solutions

Providing clients with long-running services in web and mobile applications through a team of experts since 1999, Medyasoft offers value-added services in areas like analysis, consultancy, planning, evaluation, reporting, strategy and professional project management.

Medyasoft’s purpose is to offer all clients successful projects that are envied by the competition. With our experienced team and solution partners, we create game-changing projects featuring best-in-class software and ideas, which are regularly recognized with national and international awards.

Below are some of the end-to-end solutions Medyasoft offers enterprises for their digital transformation processes:

  • Website Solutions
  • Content Management System and Development Platform
  • Software Services
  • Design Services
  • Mobile Apps
  • B2B, B2C E-commerce Solutions
  • Portal Solutions
  • Digital Publishing Solutions
  • Intranet and Extranet Solutions
  • User Experience Activities
  • Content Development and Editorial Services
  • Distance Learning and Video Conferencing
  • Production Services 

For its projects, Medyasoft uses Unigate, which was developed in-house using the .NET MVC infrastructure. Unigate is a customer experience platform, which offers enterprises fast, reliable and integrated channel solutions for their digital transformation processes.

Over the years, Medyasoft has served Turkey’s biggest enterprises including Turkish Airlines, Ülker, ING Bank, and Novartis.