e-Invoicing, which became available in Turkey on January 1st, 2014, and took full effect on April 1st, 2014, allows the exchange of e-invoices between around 20 thousand registered taxpayers..

What is the Purpose of e-Invoice?

  • e-Invoice enables businesses to exchange commercial invoices online.
  • From a national economy perspective, e-Invoice promises a bright future characterized by a delay-free commercial life, macro policies, and controllable economic models - a future in which no trees will have to be cut down!
  • Users will be freed from invoicing-related costs (i.e. printing, delivery, archiving), thus increasing efficiency by recovering wasted efforts in business processes.
  • Companies can join the e-Invoice application by opting for one of the following methods:
  • Through the Revenue Administration Portal (free),
  • By using the services of a Private Integrator company (paid),
  • By integrating with the Revenue Administration (free or paid).

Currently, two different types of invoicing scenarios are defined in the system: a Basic Invoice and a Commercial Invoice.

Basic Invoice is the online equivalent of paper invoice. It is the type of invoice which, once sent, obliges the receiving party to recognize without the right to accept or refuse whatsoever. Objections to a basic invoice are same and open like a paper invoice.

On the other hand, a Commercial Invoice can be accepted or refused online, which speeds up the commercial life as acceptance/refusal/objection processes will not take place on other platforms.

Benefits of e-Invoice

  • Improved control over commercial transactions,
  • Recovery of business efforts lost in invoice delivery and receipt processes,
  • Elimination of paperwork-related costs,
  • Elimination of delivery costs,
  • No need for manual accounting reconciliation,
  • Foreseeable growth and investment strategy.


e-Ledger, is a set of legal and technical arrangements which allow accounting ledgers  required by Tax Procedures Law and Turkish Commercial Code (General Journals and Ledgers) to be kept, created and amended online in compliance with the format and standards published by the Revenue Administration. Available as of January 1st, 2015, the application also empowers users to assure the inalterability, integrity and authenticity of ledgers, and use them as means of proof vis-a-vis related offices – all without the need for printing!

What is the Purpose of e-Ledger?

  • e-Ledger offers great advantages including the elimination of notary costs and work load related to printing and management of ledgers.
  • Thanks to e-Ledger, costly and cumbersome tasks like printing and archiving can be performed online in a way easier, faster and more economic fashion.

Benefits of e-Ledger

  • Elimination of redundant efforts in accounting processes,
  • Reduction of work load, which in turn leads to increased motivation,
  • Improved control over commercial transactions,
  • Elimination of paperwork-related costs,
  • Elimination of archiving costs,
  • Foreseeable growth and investment strategy.


e-Archive can be regarded as a higher version of e-Invoice. Accordingly, taxpayers who are e-Invoice users, and have reached certain levels of revenue (annual revenue of 5 million TL and higher) in the field of e-commerce, are required to switch to e-Archive by January 1st, 2016.

What is the Purpose of e-Archive?

e-Archive offers companies the additional capability of e-mailing invoices to end users or legal entities on top of conventional delivery channels. Also, taxpayers are obliged to present monthly E-Archive Reports (within legal periods defined by the Revenue Administration), which contain delivery information of e-Archive  

invoices. e-Archive reports, which are created in compliance with the data format and standard published at the www.efatura.gov.tr web address of the Revenue Administration in relation to online documents created by private integrators, will be transferred to the Administration system. After being created, the e-Archive report will be archived for 10 years on the server of the private integrator in order to prevent any loss of data.

Companies switching to e-Archive will secure significant gains in work load and cost. To start with, almost all sent invoices will be sent digitally, which is sure to eliminate delivery (cargo), printing and storage costs, and all tracking-related work loads. And in the longer term, these gains will build up to significant cost gains for companies.

Benefits of e-Archive

  • Digitalization of a majority of invoices,
  • Easy-to-track accounting process,
  • Elimination of paperwork-related costs,
  • Elimination of archiving costs,
  • Foreseeable growth and investment strategy.