SAP Solutions

Maximize your power with Medyasoft – your Business Solutions Consultant!

As an SAP Gold Partner, Medyasoft has since 1999 been offering value-adding solutions to hundreds of clients with a perfectionist touch. Medyasoft’s extraordinary approach to consultancy makes sure to deliver a superior experience, and projects with high return on investment to its clients. Experienced in both application and process consultancy, Medyasoft positions SAP projects as an investment, and not a mere expense.

On top of products for universities, public bodies, municipalities, and consumers; Rapid Application Solutions are developed specifically for these sectors using the RDS (Rapid Deployment Solution) methodology of SAP. With cost and timesavings, experience-based approach, and minimum project risks, Medyasoft revolutionizes SAP consultancy services in Turkey. Publishing internally developed products on the SAP Store, Medyasoft makes products of Turkish Engineers accessible to the entire world.

What is SAP?

SAP (Systems, Applications and Products) is the world’s leading enterprise software provider with corporate headquarters in Walldorf, Germany, and offices in over 130 countries. By turnover, SAP is the fourth biggest software company of the world. Present in four different geographical regions, they offer enterprise software applications to a wide variety of businesses.

What Kind of Software is SAP?

SAP is a business solutions software that supports enterprises in implementing strategic plans, achieving high system performance, making fast and effective decisions, and meeting essential business goals. SAP offers a variety of products including:
  • Enterprise Resource Planning [ERP]
  • Support Services [MGSC]
  • Mobile Solutions: SAP Fiori & UI5
  • Omni-Channel E-Commerce: SAP Hybris
  • Higher Education Solution
  • Public Bodies and Municipalities
  • Consumer Products

What is an SAP Consultant?

Being an expert is not enough, since SAP consultants are also required to be certified on those modules that they are specializing in. In a time when certified SAP consultants are scarce in our country, companies have serious position needs in this area.

Medyasoft both delivers SAP full cycle projects through experienced SAP consultants, and offers certified training modules.