Me2C Commerce - SAP Hybris Accelerator

Me2C Commerce - SAP Hybris Accelerator

We realize your omni-channel commerce projects with the ready packaged solution Me2C Commerce Hybris Accelerator developed by Renova.

Me2C Commerce - SAP Hybris Accelerator

Renova Me2C Accelerator

Me2C commerce accelerator was developed as a ready packaged solution for Turkish and global needs. Integrating into all back-office processes, it allows for a flawless experience in all contact points with customers.

With the ready packaged solution Me2C Commerce Hybris Accelerator developed by Renova based on Turkish market requirements, we realize your omni-channel commerce projects in two months.

Features of SAP Commerce

Make use of the responsive omni-channel website design, strong search capability, plug-and-play promotion module and ready integrations to interact and transact with customers over all channels.

Activate real-time smart segmentation, personalisation, marketing and sales possibilities for a content-based customer experience.

Win over new customers by displaying the right product to the right customer at the right time. Empower business users by managing all products over a single panel.

Design and manage a highly personalised commerce experience, transforming your website with features like a synchronised and lucid website editor, capable promotion motor and multi-language and multi-website support.

Give customers a real multi-channel purchasing experience by allowing them to create orders and take them back at any stage.

Features of Me2c Accelerator

Me2C Commerce omni-channel realizes your digital transformation within two months, free of risk. It features a modern development architecture, payment and cargo integrations, improved user experience, reportability and ready-to-go native mobile applications.

Easily charge customers via various payment methods with no extra effort, thanks to ready integration to payment service providers.

Developed to work over Docker by keeping to the container structure, the Me2C commerce product decreases usage costs and increases website performance by making use of cloud technology.

With the Me2C promotion module developed by adding extra capabilities to the SAP Commerce promotion motor, project all the promotional scenarios you use in your business to customers in minutes.

Thanks to integration with cargo service providers and PTT addresses, easily track all cargo processes over your website and execute dynamic cargo pricing via parametric tools.

Transform customer experience into a flawless journey effortlessly using brand-new page designs created by Renova.

Start using your new mobile applications the day you go live with Android and iOS mobile applications developed from scratch by Renova.

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