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Vendorside - Supplier Management System

Vendorside is a modern supplier management platform built to better manage your relationships with suppliers, keeping the user experience strong at every point.

Vendorside - Supplier Management System

Making the purchasing and supply management processes of companies smart digital, easy to integrate, sustainable and rapidly developable through new generation technologies.

Receive real time updates to supplier information and proactively respond where changes can affect the supplier competence, capabilities, or risks.

Operating Modern Design

Real-time data, KPIs, reporting and dashboards, lets you quickly identify, opportunities for further value creation.

Easy Multi-usable

Make sure that the negotiated prices and conditions are automatically exploited with maximum savings.

Vendor Portal Management

Profile & Onboarding, Payment monitoring, Pocurement calendar, Contract life cycle

Basic Tools

Workflow management, Notification & announcement, Questionnaire & survey management, Authorization management

Dashboard & Analytics reports

Customizble & flexible dashboard, Long and short term analytic reports, Simple & useful user interface

Qualification & Evaluation

Performance management, Vendor qualification, Risk management, SLA management

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