e-Şirket - Digital Platform Applications
Yayınlanma Tarihi: 22.08.2022

e-Şirket - Digital Platform Applications

Digital platform applications that Turkcell wanted to present to its customers in the corporate market segment started to be offered by ePlatform under the brand name “Turkcell e-Şirket” as a platform that can be used by all enterprises which would like to manage their businesses digitally, therefore save on time and costs.

e-Şirket - Digital Platform Applications

Turkey’s Turkcell Mobile Operator wanted to provide digital platform applications to its customers in the corporate market segment and in a very short period of time, ePlatform brought them to life under the name “Turkcell e-Şirket”. e-Şirket was offered as a platform to all enterprises who wished to manage their businesses using digital means while saving on time and cost.


The platform that harbours integrated accounting and e-transformation solutions and allows you to manage your business’s financial processes unconstrained by time, place and device.

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What can be done with e-Şirket?

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