Cloud Based Integrated Business Applications


What is e-Archive?

With e-Archive invoice, taxables outside the scope of e-Invoice regulations also get the chance to make out, store and submit electronic invoices. 

This way, taxables that make out a lot of invoices and have to store the printed second copy of these invoices can now store them electronically.

Our e-Archive Solution

With e-Archive invoice, you can now make out digital invoices to establishments and people that are not e-Invoice obligants and cut down on cost by digitally storing your invoices.

You can make out and send your e-Archive invoices over our web portal or via the integration we will make onto your existing accounting software.

e-Commerce and e-Archive Invoice

With e-Archive invoice, you can now make out your online sales invoices digitally and send them via e-mail and give faster service to your online sales, gaining operational cost advantage along the way.

Who can use e-Archive?

e-Archive invoice can be used not only by obligants, but also by all establishments that wish to make out and store their invoices digitally.

Many e-Invoice taxables switch to e-Archive invoice even though they aren’t obligated to, so that they can carry the invoices they make out to those who are not e-Invoice obligants over to the digital environment. e-Archive invoice is also widely used in online commerce.