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B2C-B2B e-Commerce Software

Medyasoft provides B2C (Business to Customer) and B2B (Business to Business) e-commerce software solutions tailored to its customers’ needs.

The most widely recognized web-based commerce application is the B2C system, which can be summarized as business to customer e-commerce where you sell directly to the customer. The B2C market presents itself mostly as web portals and virtual stores that sell over the Internet. All transactions that allow companies and enterprises to do marketing and sales over their own websites is considered B2C.

In B2C, customers purchase the products they need over the company’s website or web portals and virtual stores the company gives products to and where other companies’ products are also sold. When customers place orders, they digitally send their credit card information to the website in order to pay and the purchase is finalised.

B2B is the web-based e-commerce system that allows a business to sell its products or services to other businesses. Companies are connected and the process is automated via B2B software integration and suppliers, partners and customers make their transactions over the Internet.

The business world of our day requires constant competitive advantage. The fact that transactions are fast and low cost in B2B systems holds the key in gaining this advantage. Medyasoft B2B works to analyse your needs and provide you with the best solution for the development and management of your B2B processes.