Cloud Based Integrated Business Applications


The platform that harbours integrated accounting and e-transformation solutions and allows you to manage your business’s financial processes unconstrained by time, place and device.

What can you do with e-Şirket?

  • Manage your enterprise’s financial transactions with the accounting product and also use the integrated e-Invoice and e-Archive products.
  • Make out digital invoices with e-Invoice and e-Archive invoice.
  • Digitalize all information contained in general journals and general ledgers with e-Ledger. Sign off on them with a time-stamp.

Who should use e-Şirket?

  • All enterprises who want to manage their businesses over digital platforms and save on time and cost in the process.
  • Companies with a commercial title can use the product.

What can be done with e-Şirket?

  • Allows access to services via a phone, tablet or computer connected to the Internet, unconstrained by time and place, abroad or at home.

Products within the e-Şirket platform run integrated.