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What is KEP?

Registered Electronic Mail (Kayıtlı Elektronik Posta - KEP) is considered as legally accepted and technically safe electronic mail.

Through the use of e-signatures and time stamps, KEP makes sure an electronic mail is delivered, the sender and the receiver are identified, what the mail is, that its content is intact and the date and time of origin are accurately defined. KEP is the only tool that allows for sharing legally acceptable and technically safe e-documents via electronic mail and is considered as hard evidence of these processes.

Safe and Legal

Registered electronic mail can be used as legal evidence. It is considered legally read by its recipient 24 hours after it is delivered. It guarantees the integrity of the message and prevents changes.

Saves Time

It allows for fast and secure flow of information. It speeds up official and commercial correspondence. Establishments and persons can easily undertake transactions that need to be delivered personally or ones whose integrity needs to be kept intact with KEP with one push of a button on the computer.

Cost Advantage

It saves on paper usage, archiving, mailing and operational costs. It eliminates the use of paper and helps protect the environment.

Legal Obligation

As published in the Official Journal No. 28533, Article 7/2 on 19/01/2013;

  • It is mandatory to make notifications to incorporated and limited companies and limited partnerships divided into shares using electronic means. It is optional for real persons and other legal entities to make use of electronic notifications.
  • Addressees that are only allowed to receive electronic notifications are obligated to report their electronic notification address to authorities who are authorized to make notifications in their dealings with them.
  • In the event that electronic notifications cannot be sent to addressees that are only allowed to receive electronic notifications due to force majeure, the notification will be made according to regulations commanded by law. In these notifications, the addressee will be notified that following notifications will be delivered electronically.