Cloud Based Integrated Business Applications


What is e-Invoice?

e-Invoice is an electronic document that was brought into play with a Turkish Tax Procedure Law (VUK) communiqué and has been in practice since 5 March 2010. Its data format standards were determined by the Turkish Revenue Administration (GİB), it contains the necessary information that needs to be on an invoice outlined by VUK and is delivered over a central platform (GİB) among seller and buyer.

Our e-Invoice Solution

The ePlatform e-Invoice solution runs over a web portal or is integrated to your accounting program. Fully integratable to SAP and other ERP systems, our system is also compatible with over 20 accounting software via our middleware.

e-Invoice Cost Advantage

With e-Invoice you can save on printed invoice, cargo, storage expenses and operational costs. Cut down on invoice sending and receiving times by transition to the fast, easy and green e-Invoice. What’s more, you can easily find and view past invoices.

With e-invoice, you save on paper and help preserve trees and the environment.