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Mobile Application Solutions

Mobile Application Solutions

The rise in mobile internet use is a result of people’s unwillingness to use different devices and make time for every other task within their daily struggle. People actively involved in busy schedules want to take care of all their needs with the mobile devices they carry around with them.

Medyasoft’s steps in creating mobile application solutions for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and Android tablets:

First Things First: Before developing the mobile application solution, we first determine the scope of the project based on needs and draw a frame for the job so that we can meet all requirements.

Analysis: We lay out the project’s performance requirements, risks and schedule and constantly re-evaluate them in subsequent processes.

Forming the Design: We first prepare sketches for the mobile application’s design. After going through animations, colours, fonts and contemporary design trends, we give shape to the final design.

Developing: In the developing phase, we make mock-ups of the designs designated in the previous phase and if necessary, add web service links and make coding adjustments.

Testing: After developing is complete, the mobile application is put through extensive functionality tests based on scenarios formed by the test team. Errors are fixed if any and the application is sent out for client testing.

Adding the Application to Stores (Launch): Having completed all processes, the mobile application solution is added to relevant application stores over the provided accounts and offered to end-users.

By following the above steps, Medyasoft provides digital mobile application solutions suiting both end-user’s requests for ease-of-use and corporate needs.

Medyasoft realizes your ideas the way you dreamt of them by taking into account the differences in the user experiences of all platforms, be it iPhone, iPad, Android phone or Android tablet. Creating designs that follow latest trends while developing mobile application solutions, Medyasoft also differs from competition with broad version support.