Medyasoft signature on GENPA’s new look!
Yayınlanma Tarihi: 12.06.2015

Medyasoft signature on GENPA’s new look!

Medyasoft signature on GENPA’s new look! Technology product giant GENPA collaborated with Medyasoft for its new website. The web interfaces were created by Medyasoft in a compatible way with user experience, and can be used modularly.
Medyasoft signature on GENPA’s new look!

According to the 2013 survey “Top 500 Informatics Companies in Turkey”, conducted by İnterpromedya, in terms of sales turnover, GENPA ranked 1st in the Mobile Phone Category, 1st in the Distributor Category and Hardware Sub-Category, and is the 6th company in the overall ranking.

During the GENPA project, user experiences in e-commerce were examined and user behavior was prioritized. Interface components that suit flat design discipline were preferred in this framework. A menu, navigation structure and information architecture that enable users to access even the most detailed web page with maximum 2 or 3 clicks were constructed. The colors were especially chosen to maintain simplicity and corporate integrity. Colors that also might have the capability of directing buying behavior in e-commerce were picked. In addition to these features, the website was responsively designed to keep the user experience the same in mobile devices as well.

Medyasoft, who launched similar projects with e-commerce sites like Konyalı Saat, Godiva along with larger firms such as BayiNet and Penta, also made GENPA’s dreams come true.

GENPA, which sees vendors and end-users as its most valuable possessions, obtained a new website while continuing to strengthen its brand reliability by providing unique solutions and products.

Front-end developments of the GENPA project were completed by Medyasoft’s expert teams within the frame of latest trends in 2 months, including the design. The required plugins were developed in accordance with the website needs, and the integration was finalized.

The users can keep up all their e-commerce experience in the GENPA website, too. They can now easily shop in the brand-new website which gained a modern, contemporary look.