The Istanbul Airport Website is Online with it's Dazzling Design
Yayınlanma Tarihi: 06.02.2019

The Istanbul Airport Website is Online with it's Dazzling Design

The Istanbul Airport, which has the characteristic of being the largest airport in the world, has gotten its new project and airport websites that carry the Medyasoft signature. The websites reflect the modern architecture of the airport, are easily managed and are compatible with the mobile world.
The Istanbul Airport Website is Online with it's Dazzling Design

İGA was founded on October 7, 2013 with the aim of building the Istanbul Airport and operating it for 25 years. The Istanbul Airport is located in the north of Istanbul, 35 kilometers away from the city center, over an area of 76,5 million square meters. The construction will be carried out in four phases. Phase One will be completed in 2018 with the opening of three runways and the terminal that has a 90 million people capacity. When all the phases are complete, the Istanbul Airport will provide the means to fly to over 300 destinations with a passenger capacity of 200 million a year.

A need for a new website arose when the current website could not cope with the promotion of the Istanbul Airport, the biggest project in the era of the Turkish Republic, over the virtual platform and the presentation of detailed information about the phases of its construction and transportation. Parallel to the requirements of the project, first a mobile friendly website that would hold information about the past of the İGA Project and the detail about it was built by Medyasoft.

Follow this link to access the İGA project website:

As the Istanbul Airport was opened, a new website in which passengers could easily reach the information they seek was taken live under the expertise of Medyasoft with a modern interface which has a navigational architecture fitting user experience and was prepared with an easily accessible content strategy in terms of sustainability, transport, communication, airport information and visual galleries.

Follow this link to access the Istanbul Airport website:

Within the scope of the project, the analysis and design work undertaken together with the İGA Corporate Communication and Informatics teams were realized in parallel to the Mondrian Design approach. Past data was studied and the pages with the most traffic were focused on and new templates were designed for the new website in which image and video usage was increased.

With the new websites that were formed with the adaptation of the prepared designs into the content management system and the inputting of all content into the system, all the information and directions that used to be hard to reach were constructed under a structure that is easily accessible through the navigational architecture.

With the İGA Project and Istanbul Airport website projects, two separate websites were taken live under the expertise of Medyasoft Digital, the pioneer technology firm with the technical competence, awards, references and years of experience in the aviation sector.

Services rendered within the scope of the project: