Turkish Cargo to Increase Customer Interaction with its Renewed Website
Yayınlanma Tarihi: 14.12.2018

Turkish Cargo to Increase Customer Interaction with its Renewed Website

Turkish Cargo, offering services in 122 countries in the world, is the fastest growing air cargo brand. It has been carrying out the air cargo activities of Turkey’s “rising value” Turkish Airlines since 1933.
Turkish Cargo to Increase Customer Interaction with its Renewed Website

The successful cargo carrier branded under the name “Turkish Cargo” in 2000, provides air cargo services to more than 300 destinations in the world, 86 of which are direct cargo points.

Within the scope of the corporate website required by Turkish Cargo in parallel with its rapid growth, the website will be developed with a mobile compatible interface, offering visitors a navigation feature and the aim of the project is to enable faster results in online modules.

Turkish Cargo has opted for the competence of MedyaSoft which provides design services in line with the latest trends and has a content management panel offering a fast and easy content management. Offering large corporations fast and reliable channel-neutral solutions in their digital transformation processes, the user experience platform Unigate (Content Management System) meets Turkish Cargo’s end-to-end requirements.

In the analysis phase carried out with the participation of all stakeholders, expected targets of the project were determined. With the information architecture aimed at correctly guiding visitors and providing smooth usability, visual designs that support user experience with mobile usage. The corporate website that reflects new design trends and utilizes technological transformation went live following the adaptation of the prepared designs to the Unigate (Content Management System) infrastructure and entering of all content to the system.

The new website offers users advantages like access to contact information of all stations in the world, cargo tracking, terminal fees and access to fare options. Turkish Cargo provides a convenient and modern experience to its visitors, also offering special cargo products. Turkish Cargo also prefers an active communication with its users, posting timely news and announcements to users and monitoring their feedback for customer satisfaction. With this approach, the quality of time spent on the site and information consumability is enhanced.

You can also share this experience by visiting the new website of the world’s most rapidly growing and developing air cargo company Turkish Cargo which continuously refreshes itself and expands its fleet at www.turkishcargo.com.tr.

Services offered within the scope of the project:


Digital Transformation Strategy

User Experience Design (UX)

User Interface Design (UI)

Software Development

Content Services


Training & Documentation

Maintenance Support

Products used as part of the project: Unigate Content Management System

“We have prepared a highly-interactive, user-friendly platform for our customers where they can easily access information in the new corporate website of Turkish Cargo, designed with the principles of simplicity and functionality, and compatible with various devices like tablets, mobile phones, laptops and desktop computers. Medyasoft has been a reliable companion to us in this journey, responding promptly to our requirements and working in a solution-oriented manner. We had the opportunity to work in coordination with Medyasoft for our Turkish Cargo corporate internet site which we prepared with intense effort and commitment throughout the project and with this site we made a big progress on our journey on which we are taking firm steps towards our targets.”

Ayşe Altan - Cargo Promotions and Advertising Manager