Yeşilay completes its digital transformation with Unigate
Yayınlanma Tarihi: 04.06.2015

Yeşilay completes its digital transformation with Unigate

Green Crescent completes its digital transformation with Unigate too Medyasoft Digital, which has achieved many outstanding projects with prominent companies in many sectors, has also successully completed the renewal project of Green Crescent’s website, which is a bridge between the citizens and the Green Crescent Society in addition to being one of our leading non-governmental organizations.
Yeşilay completes its digital transformation with Unigate

Turkish Green Crescent Society is an outstanding non-governmental organization that emerged in 1920 and has achieved many accomplishments since, following their principles of upbringing generations committed to their national values and fighting addiction. The modernization of Green Crescent’s website was completed by Medyasoft, providing corporations with quick, reliable and integrated solutions throughout their digital transformation processes.

Medyasoft has long been serving the largest corporations of Turkey including Turkish Airlines, Ülker, ING Bank and Novartis.

Unigate, which was developed by Medyasoft and is supported by TÜBİTAK, is preferred by many SME and large-scale companies operating in various fields ranging from aviation to financ and food to technology.

Since Green Crescent regards printed/visual media, internet, and social media networks as an active arena in fighting addiction, it has decided to continue its services with an adaptable, user-friendly interface in accordance with the contemporary design trends in order to deliver its messages to all segments of society.

In this scope, the project will be under various headings such as the renewal of the website interface, mobile adaptation and acceleration of the access speed to printed and visual publications from digital media, simplification of membership and donation processes, implementing social media integrations, enriching the website with content that would appeal to all age groups, multiple language support, etc.