İSTAÇ Manages Its Processes More Productively with SAP
Yayınlanma Tarihi: 22.12.2017

İSTAÇ Manages Its Processes More Productively with SAP

The project covers Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) modules, Business Intelligence (BI) applications, Waste Management (WR), Fiori, Training and Documentation Management (WPB) and Weighing Integration from end to end.
İSTAÇ Manages Its Processes More Productively with SAP

Renova’s 30 consultants that took part in the project, İSTAÇ Quality and Corporate Development Department, Chief of Enterprise Resource Planning, project key users and end users all contributed the project selflessly.

İSTAÇ, which is offering its services in İstanbul’s environmental management processes, has been provided with SAP administration for the operations below.

SAP was put into use in 20 different urban cleaning spots and 15 seperate environmental management facilities where sweeping, disposal of wastes from vessels and washing are conducted. Job order confirmations started to be given through Fiori via mobile devices in İSTAÇ vehicles. Weighing software for waste weighing has been applied on SAP.

Employee’s plans and job order confirmations along with the end of the month scorings, scale data and other entries’ progress was calculated in SAP according to the shifts defined in SAP Human Resources module.

Budgets has been determined in the SAP system, maintaining the control of purchasing and expense components’ financial plans through the system. Bidding and progress processes in the Purchasing module has been put into the SAP system.

About İSTAÇ:

İSTAÇ is one of the prominent environmental management companies of Turkey. It was founded in 1994 as an association of İstanbul Metropolitan Muncipality and began to operate Turkey’s first landfill. With its high quality service while conducting public duties, integrated waste management and R&D studies, İSTAÇ has a unique place in Turkey’s environmental management field.

İSTAÇ, which has its head office in İstanbul, Şişli, has over 40 operation units and recruits more than 4 thousand employees. Generating authentic solutions for a more livable environment using a zero impact approach and raising environmental awareness is İSTAÇ’s mission.

İSTAÇ has been operating on these fields with over 20 years of experience:

Regular Storage Site Selection, Design and Construction